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Prepaid cell phones and plans
Pay As You Go
Prepaid and pay as you go cell phones are becoming more and more popular as people choose not to get stuck with one carrier or cell phone style. With new plans being advertised each year by cell phone companies trying to out sell each other, it is no wonder that pay as you go phones are how many people are choosing their phone service.

Look at the following prepaid cell phone comparisons and decide for yourself which phone offers the most bang for your buck. Listing pay as you go cell phones, no contract cell phones and pay as you go cell phones plans so you can find the best mobile deal that fits your needs.

 So which are the best prepaid cell phones available to the public? As far as mobile phones go alot depends on the type of plan you receive with the phone you purchase. Of course you can buy a cell phone at most stores and then decide
which company to use for service after the fact.

I recently bought a Nokia at Walmart, and the fact is, I could use this same phone with many different carriers, but not all phones are this basic and will work the same way

No Contract Prepaid Phones

Here is a list of prepaid cell phones without a contract you can purchase and then use the provider of your choice. These cell phones can be found at Best Buy and a variety of other stores selling mobile devices. These are all no contract cell phones.

  1. Nokia 2320

  2. Samsung Intercept

  3. Blackberry Curve 8530

  4. Samsung A187

  5. Motorola Citrus

When deciding which prepaid cell phone is best for you take a look at the reviews and then compare them based on performance, cost, and durability. Here are some reviews to consider when making your purchase decision. Compare each cell phone and then choose a service provider to complete your package.

 Nokia 2320 The Nokia 2320 is a one piece body phone equipped with sms, mms, email, and all of the normal features you would expect from Nokia. The talk time per battery load is approximately 240 minutes, comes with camera and blue-tooth capability. Read the full review here.

Nokia 2320 review

  Samsung Intercept

The Samsung Intercept has been considered a great smartphone for first time users. Does not quite meet the specs of seasoned users expectations but nonetheless is a high quality phone in its own right. A traditional LCD screen with 400 by 240 pixel display. The screen does not fair well in outside light which has been a issue with many consumers. The QWERTY keyboard is one of the best features of this phone allowing for space between keys for easy texting and typing. Read the full review here

Samsung Intercept Review

  The Blackberry Curve 8530

The Blackberry Curve is another smartphone considered a good start for novice smartphone users. Although a quality cell, the Curve seems a bit cheap and comes with a low resolution screen. With that aside, The Blackberry Curve offers Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth, and a 2 megapixel camera. Read the full review here

Blackberry Curve 8530 review

 Samsung A187 Comparison

The Samsung A187 is a qwerty mobile phone blue and priced at $79.99 without a contract. Has a 2 inch landscape TFT display with a resolution of 220 by 176 pixels with digital zoom and multimedia playback features including 160 mb of internal memory. Read more about the review of this prepaid cell phone offer

Review Of Samsung A187

 Motorola Citrus Cell Phone

The Motorola Citrus is a smartphone in a compact design at an affordable price. It has pc like browsing ability so you can enjoy all your favorite apps and web services. The Citrus comes with a 3 megapixel camera with fixed focus ability. Environmentally friendly, the Citrus is made with 25% post consumer products. Check out the full review here

Review Of Motorola Citrus Smartphone

These prepaid cell phone comparisons come from a variety of websites that have made a name for themselves by providing unbiased reviews. I hope you can use this and other information to decide which no contract cell phone is best
for your needs

Prepaid Mobile Phone Services

Here we will go over some of the more popular and best rated prepaid cell phone plans. Depending on where you live and the main activities you perform with your cell phone, some companies are better then others. If you talk quite a bit and also use the text feature on a daily basis, then choose the plan that will allow for this and not cause an overide which in turn will mean more charges. The best prepaid cell phone plans are available from the following companies.

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

No monthly bill just pay as you go. T-Mobile has what they call gold rewards and as most subscibers will tell you the minutes are quite expensive and the benefits very few. No credit checks but if you choose this option be aware that the best benefit it to load alot of minutes for each reload. The fewer minutes as in the $10.00 load is not worth it but the $100.00 card will give you 1000
minutes of talktime. Get the full review

T-Mobile Prepaid Plan

Boost Mobile Pay As You Go

 The Boost mobile service is good but caters to young people with all the downloadable options for the most popular web apps and is also good for adults who enjoy the Nextel walkie talkie service. No credit check and texting is available at 10 cents per message with web service available and included with the unlimited p[lan for $50.00 per month. Get the full review

Boost Mobile Pre Paid Plan

Metro PCS

As far as prepaid cell phones comparison reviews are concerned, Metro PCS is an up and coming giant. Now expanded to almost every major city if you havent considered this company for your prepaid cell phone service then take another look. Get a flat rate and then save more money each month by adding family members to your plan. In most cases web and texting is included. Get the whole review on Metro PCS here

Tracfone Mobile Phones

 Tracfone is a proud prepaid cell phone company who has become a bigger player then most would have suspected. A very cool part of their plan is each month unused minutes will rollover to the next. This is uncommon in prepaid cell phone plans. Personally I think their price point is rather average for prepaid phone service. On the positive side it is very easy to reload this phone as card are avialble in most stores. No credit check is a plus but the fact that web service is not available yet is the downside. Get the full review here

Tracfone Prepaid Cell Phone Review